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Joseph Chivatsi Lewa

Programme Assistant

Col 6 B medJoseph is originally from Kenya in the Malindi district, Joseph come s from family of eight. After he completed school he went on to join Mount Kenya University and gained a diploma in social work and community development ,he was drawn to the course as he wanted to be able to help young people in need. While Joseph was studying he worked at his uncle’s organisation the rainbow community centre which was an orphanage, when he finished schooling he carried on working there and helped build a classroom for disabled children and also acted as a tour guide for any visitors that came to the centre. Joseph met his wife Sharon and moved to Glasgow 2013, while in Glasgow Joseph volunteered at Waverley care, Mary’s meals and St Margaret hospice. Through that work Joseph gained confidence, communication skills, work experience, meeting new friends and having fun. Joseph joined Columba 1400 in April 2015 after moving to Skye where his wife Sharon is from along with their baby daughter Anna. Joseph really enjoys working at Columba and likes meeting new friends, playing football, running and reading and is always eager to learn new things.