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Columba 1400 Head Teachers’ Leadership Academies made possible by Scottish Government and The Hunter Foundation

“Education is the enabler, the leveller of playing fields but to deliver that we need great leadership in our schools. The pace of change in the world of work is an incredible challenge for our school leaders and teachers – 65% of our young people joining Primary School this year will go to jobs that don’t even exist today.” said Sir Tom Hunter, chairman of The Hunter Foundation

Hunter added “So rightly we need to invest more in supporting our school leaders and that’s why we are delighted to be investing £1m alongside the Scottish Government’s £2m into world class school leadership. In addition the Hunter Foundation intends to build a world class alumni programme for educational leaders across Scotland to enhance and build upon the excellence that Columba 1400 will deliver in leadership.”

Marie Clare Tully, Chief Executive, Columba 1400 said “Columba 1400 is delighted that our accredited values based Leadership Academies are part of Excellence in Headship. The investment of The Hunter Foundation and the Scottish Government will give 320 Head Teachers the opportunity to focus on the culture and values of their school and community which will ultimately make a difference to the lives of many more young people, their families and communities.”

This is an opportunity for 320 Head Teachers to participate in Columba 1400’s Head Teachers' Leadership Academies. Columba 1400’s approach is designed to support Head Teachers and the school leadership team as they focus on the cultures they create through an understanding of core values. In doing so Head Teachers are empowered for setting the standards for teachers, students, communities and the interface between all three.

This is in recognition of Columba 1400’s leadership expertise and experience of delivering Leadership Academies over the last 17 years. The purpose of a values based leadership approach is to ensure participants discover who they are, what they want and, importantly, how to get there.

Columba 1400’s contribution to Excellence in Headship through their values based accredited Leadership Academy provides Scotland with a platform for Head Teachers to make a real lasting difference for themselves, their young people, their staff and their community as social leaders.