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Corporate Support

Support through your Company or Trust

We rely on grants, donations, corporate giving, statutory funding, and school contributions to deliver our services. See where the money goes to find out more.

We have strong relationships with a wide range of Companies across the UK and pride ourselves in building effective corporate partnerships.

  • Sponsor a young person – get involved right from the development stage, providing funding, and taking an active role in the group of young people you are sponsoring
  • Facilitating – working alongside the Columban team on our Leadership Academies
  • Payroll Giving – encourage your employees to donate regularly via their salary.
  • Gifts in Kind – materials, equipment, furniture, time or skills (e.g. IT training).
  • Fundraising – encourage your employees to work together to raise funds.

By working with Columba 1400 we will provide plenty of team-building and staff development opportunities and the chance to influence the neighbourhoods and communities your employees live and work in.