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Head Teachers' Leadership Academy

Partnership with The Hunter Foundation and The Scottish Government

Head Teachers and Aspiring Head Teachers have the opportunity to participate in Columba 1400’s Head Teachers' Leadership Academies, funded by The Scottish Government and The Hunter Foundation. If interested, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

This is available to all Head Teachers and Aspiring Head Teachers, Columba 1400’s approach is designed to support Head Teachers and the school leadership team as they focus on the cultures they create through an understanding of core values. In doing so Head Teachers and Aspiring Head Teachers are empowered for setting the standards for teachers, students, communities and the interface between all three. Columba 1400’s values based accredited Leadership Academy provides Scotland with a platform for Head Teachers and Aspiring Heads to make a real lasting difference for themselves, their young people, their staff and their community as social leaders.

By working with Head Teachers and Aspiring Heads we are taking a dual approach to enhancing the life of a young person, a Head Teacher motivated and inspired has the potential to influence the lives of so many more young people. Working with educational leaders allows us to develop leadership across all levels in a young person’s life so this greatly complements our work. Head Teachers Graduate from Columba 1400 ready to change the culture of their schools.  
“School Leaders like me have been challenged to embrace and use wisely the influence that they have to make a difference to the lives of others.”
“The world is a better place for having Columba 1400 in it and I’m glad to be a very small part of it.”   
External evaluation has shown our Leadership Academies have a significant impact on Head Teachers rediscovering their inner courage and confidence to lead and challenge and inspire the next generation.

Head Teachers’ Leadership Academy Overview   

The Leadership Academy is arranged over a 6 to 9 month period to allow for meaningful activity in school to take place between the end of the residential and the submission date for the assessment task. Participants are advised by letter / e-mail of specific dates.

Phase 1:    A one-day preparatory workshop
Phase 2:    A four day residential course at Columba 1400 Isle of Skye or Columba 1400, Loch Lomond
Phase 3:    A one day follow up workshop
Phase 4:    Final assessment presentation submission for GTCS Accreditation
Phase 5:    Local and National seminars to continue developing a focus on leadership

The 4 day residential is structured around the Columban 1400 Values

The Columba 1400 Head Teachers` Leadership Academy aims to:

  •     To support Head Teachers and Aspiring Heads to shape and lead educational change in Scotland
  •     To enable Head Teachers and Aspiring Heads to lead transformation in the culture of their schools and learning communities
  •     Development of a personal awareness of their leadership style and ability to effect change
  •     To create the conditions for profound individual change for Head Teachers and Aspiring Heads and an awareness of their own potential
  •     To support the development of innovation, creativity and positive change for teaching teams and for learners
  •    To contribute to building a self-sustaining community for change with powerful bonds, incorporating a belief in team potential and a sense of momentum
  •     To develop a network of Columba 1400 Head Teacher Graduates who will promote values based leadership

The Head Teachers' Leadership Academy is open to all Head Teachers and Aspiring Heads at any point in their career. To register your interest, please email HTLA This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

   Please click on this link to see all available dates