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Parents' Leadership Academy

This partnership involves Columba 1400, Parents, Community Learning and Development, Social Work, Early Year Establishments, schools and communities and allows parents to develop the confidence, motivation and resilience to support young people’s ambition and aspiration leading to improved learning through this parental engagement.

The parents, carers and guardians come together on a shared leadership development experience which allows them the time and space to develop a growing awareness of self and the choices they have made and can make as the primary carer in their child’s life. .

We do not teach parents how to parent, rather provide the rare opportunity for them to stop, reflect and take a perspective on what their parenting and their leadership could yet become. This leads to an understanding of the importance of their child’s future and the difference that their parental engagement and a nurturing approach can have to their child’s future success in education. This is of particular importance as the child makes the transition from nursery to primary school.

This Leadership Academy targets the Scottish National Outcome of ensuring that all children have the best start in life and are ready to succeed. Central to all of our work is developing skills for learning, for life and for work. These are all explored within topics of leadership and communication underpinned by the Columba 1400 core values.

In addition, the parents, carers or guardians bring their personal values into focus enabling them to recognise who they are, what they are about and where they are aiming to go in their lives. Furthermore, participants are given an opportunity to experience new techniques and approaches when faced with conflict or challenge through alternative styles of communication.


  •     Parents securing work or going back to further study or training
  •     Parents’ improved relationship with their child(ren)
  •     Nurturing home environment
  •     Greater parental awareness of their child’s needs
  •     Increased recognition of self-worth amongst parents and the need to take care of themselves to benefit their family.
  •     An improved paradigm of self as parents and a clearer sense of purpose within family and community leading to improved relationships and behaviours for both parent and child
  •     Improved confidence, motivation and resilience
  •     Enables parents to use a values led approach leading to a positive impact on the life of their child at a crucial early stage in their development
  •     Greater involvement in their child’s education

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