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Social Leaders

Columba 1400 Leadership Reflections

Leadership Reflections is an offer from Columba 1400 to support Social Leadership in Scotland throughout the impact of Covid-19 and beyond. Local Authorities, systems and services are responding to the national disruption to daily life created by the pandemic. The breakdown of social norms is an ever present challenge to leadership at all levels. Responding to the crisis, dealing with uncertainty and constant change can erode confidence, create fear, anxiety and exhaustion throughout the workforce. However, it presents a unique opportunity for renewal and the creation of new operating cultures and people led systems.

The concept is embedded in the unique approach of Columba 1400's values-based leadership elicitation model. This is underpinned by a person centred, humanistic coaching practice where storytelling allows Leaders to share their experiences influencing their identity and behaviours. This in turn allows participants a place to pause and reflect, create understanding and meaning, and realise their role in the recovery of the fabric of society. Leadership Reflections aims to create an environment where reflection and guidance is not a luxury but an absolute necessity in empowering our Leaders to produce quality thinking and improve outcomes.

Outcomes for Social Leaders

  • Social Leaders will be able to critically reflect on the Columban Core Values of Awareness, Focus, Creativity, Integrity, Perseverance and Service and their application
  • Develop and implement strategies to create, centralise, shift and protect cultures within local authorities through an exploration of Columba 1400 values.
  • Social Leaders re-affirm a commitment to a spirit of service that will make an effective and measurable difference.
  • Social Leaders will develop planning to apply a changed mindset in their leadership context and build a personal definition for leadership through reflective practice.