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Leadership Academies

Our values based Leadership Academies are designed to fit the individual needs of each group involved, they include a range of community based and residential activities. Focusing on our six core values, Leadership Academies last approximately six months and consist of three distinct phases:

Phase 1: Initial Engagement

This involves initial consultations, followed by introduction sessions including one-to-one and group sessions, and orientation sessions which prepares the participants for the residential phase of the Leadership Academy.

Phase 2: Residential Element

This phase is the six day residential component of the Leadership Academy and takes place at one of our purpose built leadership centres at Columba 1400 Staffin, Isle of Skye, or Columba 1400 Loch Lomond. The work here is highly intensive and introduces values led leadership which participants develop throughout the week through a series of experiential sessions which take place both at our leadership centres and also utilises the wonderful surrounding landscapes. As the week progresses the focus moves from the individual, to the group as a whole and then to the impact the participants can have individually and collectively when they return to their own communities.

Phase 3: Development and Action

Experience has shown that the most important phase of the Leadership Academy is in what happens when participants return home. At this point, Columba 1400 runs a series of sessions and it is vital that Columba 1400, without becoming a safety net, continues to support young people in partnership with the key adults at this stage and helps them focus on the promises and commitments they made to themselves during the residential phase.

Columba 1400 Head Teachers' Leadership Academy

We have had our Head Teachers' Leadership Academy endorsed by the Scottish College for Educational Leadership (SCEL) and we have received professional recognition from the General Teaching Council (GTC) for Scotland.

The HTLA consist of five distinct phases:

  • Phase 1: a one-day preparatory workshop
  • Phase 2: a 4 day values based residential at one of our purpose built leadership centres at Columba 1400, Ardoch, Loch Lomond or Columba 1400, Staffin, Isle of Skye
  • Phase 3: a one day follow up workshop
  • Phase 4: final assessment presentation of participants seeking formal accreditation
  • Phase 5: network to continue developing leadership.

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