Enduring and remaining strong when faced with complication, tragedy and resistance.

“Five years ago, I was invited to take part in a Columba 1400 leadership academy. I felt apprehensive and nervous before I started, but I was also excited. My experience was amazing. I felt so safe and was encouraged to be myself and develop what was already inside me.

“A few months after I first heard about the opportunity, I was on a bus up to Skye for the residential phase and I had the best six days. I grew as a person, and I learned things about myself I never knew. I learned that there was a confidence inside me I had never known and that I was intuitive and asked all the right questions. I learned I was a natural leader, and I could work very well in a team. I learned to believe in myself and my capabilities and that we aren’t all supposed to be good at everything because if we were life would be very boring.

“In the leadership academy we did an activity where you think about the future and your goals, and we were encouraged to think of any obstacles and how we would get through harder times. That activity prepared me for the realities of applying for jobs and applying to university. It made me realise that if I really want something I just have to persevere and get a bit creative to work out how I can achieve my goals.

“My experience with Columba 1400 opened so many doors for me and I built relationships that have lasted to this day. I am always recommending Columba 1400 to anyone who will listen. My message to anyone taking part is that you need to embrace the experience and give 100%. It will change your life and your outlook on life in the best possible way”. 

Jess, young person

Teenagers sitting on the floor in pairs discussing something on a page
Large group on teenagers and instructor posing for a photo outside on Skye