Leadership academies for social leaders

We want to help social leaders “be the change” for and with children, young people and families – but what does that look like for each community? We walk shoulder to shoulder with strategic leaders and frontline teams working with children, young people and families. We act as a catalyst for deep collaboration across agencies, centred around families, people and relationships.

Our Family and Children’s Leadership Academy works alongside leaders from the education, social and health sectors in a local authority to bring about positive change. We are piloting this in Tayside and will roll out to other local authorities.

Our Senior Leadership Academy is working in partnership with The Scottish Leaders Forum to bring Scotland’s executive leaders together, with common purpose, to lead our collective efforts for Covid-19 recovery and beyond.

What happens on a leadership academy?

Social leaders focus on their values and purpose, as leaders of change. They take time to renew, recharge and reflect.

Leaders at all levels connect with their own purpose and with other leaders, spanning departments and organisational boundaries with an overriding goal – to create new systems and cultures that better serve our people.

Change creates challenge but creating the conditions for thinking and acting differently, can and does create better outcomes for children, young people and families.

Here’s how:

  • By developing a shared sense of common purpose through exploring the role of values in leadership.
  • By developing leadership capabilities and the confidence to lead cultural change.
  • By creating the conditions for strategic listening, learning and collaboration.
A long table with people on one side and blindfolded people on the other
Group listening to an instructor talk outside on Skye

What We Do

Young People’s Leadership Academy

Head Teachers’ Leadership Academy

Place-Based Leadership Experiences

Social Leaders’ Leadership Academy