We are delighted the General Teaching Council for Scotland has awarded our Head Teachers’ Leadership Academy with the Professional Learning Award for Organisations 2022. 

The award was given in recognition of the high quality and effective professional learning provided to head teachers and depute heads in Scotland by Columba 1400. 

The Panel for the award commended many aspects of the academy and its delivery:  

  • Our tutor teams – their responsiveness to participants’ needs and ensuring the learner experience informs the learning taking place; and providing the time and space for participants voices to be truly listened to and heard.  
  • That values are at the core of Columba 1400 and that these lived values offer a lens to deeply explore self, other and community.  
  • Encouraging collaboration through the networks that are built during the programme and supporting these networks beyond the academy.  
  • Our response to the pandemic during which we found creative solutions to provide professional learning access and delivery, which has continued to inform our offers.  
  • Finally, the Panel also commended the continuing external evaluation that Columba 1400 engages with to help inform and build on its core strengths and impact.  

More than 300 head teachers and depute heads registered for our Head Teachers’ Leadership Academy in the last year and we are looking forward to welcoming many more this year.  

It is held both online and on location at our awe-inspiring centres on Loch Lomond and Ayrshire. To find out more email us at [email protected] or visit our webpage