The purpose of International Youth Day is to bring youth issues to the attention of the international community and celebrate the potential of youth as partners in today’s global society.

At Columba 1400 we help young people to discover their values to help build their confidence, motivation, and determination so that they can become leaders and help make change happen. 

Here, one of our young graduates, Emma, explains the impact our Young People’s Leadership Academy had on her:

“Learning about my values shaped me into knowing what I stand for and how I can help change and improve the generation/society I live in.”

“Freedom was one of my personal values that I explored more in depth, and it has made me very passionate about the right youth have to be their own person and do what makes them feel free.

“Also, the value of perseverance is important to me as it has shaped me into never losing faith or hope. I try my best to support and lead the youth of my community because I think it’s so important to give young people the chance to grow.

“Learning about my values and how they impact youth today has inspired me to take opportunities to help people understand themselves better and that their voices matter!”

Find out more about International Youth Day here.